SE Ch.10 – Facial Devices and Technology

1. What are five of the contraindications for electrotherapy?

Five contraindications would include heart patients; clients with pacemakers; metal implants, or braces; pregnant clients; clients with epilepsy or seizure disorders; clients who are afraid of electric current; clients with open or broken skin.

2. Why is it important to enter the hot towel cabinet with clean gloves?

Wearing clean gloves when retrieving towels from the cabinet prevents cross contamination on the outside and inside of the hot towel cabinet.

3. What is the most common diopter for a magnifying lamp?

Five diopters are the most common diopter for a magnifying lamp.

4. What skin conditions does a Wood’s Lamp reveal?

The Wood’s Lamp can reveal various skin conditions such as: Thick corneum layer; Horny layer of dead skin cells; Normal, healthy skin; Thin or dehydrated skin; Acne or bacteria; Oily areas of the face/comedones; Hyperpigmentation or sun damage; Hypopigmentation.

5. Name some of the effects of a rotary brush.

Provides light exfoliation; stimulates the skin and helps soften excess oil, dirt, and cell build-up.

6. List the benefits of using a steamer.

  • Steam helps to stimulate circulation, as well as softening sebum and other debris.
  • The warmth relaxes the skin and tissues, making it easier for the esthetician to extract comedones.
  • Steam can also be beneficial for the sinuses and congestion.
  • Steamers with ozone (O3) may have an antiseptic effect on the skin that is beneficial for acne and problematic skin.

7. What are the two effects of the vacuum device?

The two effects of the vacuum device are that it can be used to suction dirt and impurities from the skin, as well as stimulate the dermal layer and lymphatic and blood circulation.

8. List and define the two main reactions of the galvanic current.

Galvanic current is used to create two significant reactions in esthetics: chemical desincrustation and ionic iontophoresis.

9. What are the contraindications for using a galvanic machine?

To avoid potential health complications, do not use galvanic current on clients with the following conditions:

  • Metal implants or a pacemaker
  • Braces
  • Heart conditions
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnancy
  • High blood pressure, fever, or any infection
  • Diminished nerve sensibility due to diseases such as diabetes
  • Open or broken skin (wounds, new scars) or inflamed pustular acne
  • Couperose skin or Rosacea
  • Chronic migraine headaches
  • Apprehension about the use of electrical appliances

10. What are the effects on the skin from anaphoresis?

Iontophoresis is the process of using electric current to introduce water-soluble solutions into the skin. This process allows estheticians to transfer, or penetrate, ions of an applied solution into the deeper layers of the skin.

11. How does the negative pole of the galvanic current affect the skin?

This creates a chemical reaction that transforms the sebum of the skin into soap—a process known as saponification. This soapy substance helps dissolve excess oil, clogged follicles, comedones, and other debris on the skin, while softening it at the same time.

12. Define cataphoresis.

Cataphoresis, which refers to the infusion of a positively charged product.

13. What is high frequency used for?

High Frequency may be applied after extractions or used over a product. It also creates ozone, which has a germicidal action on the skin. High Frequency has an antiseptic and healing effect on the skin, stimulates circulation, oxygenates the skin, increases cell metabolism, and helps coagulate and heal open lesions after extraction.

14. What are the effects of the spray machine?

The spray machine adds moisture during or after a treatment and is used to calm and hydrate the skin.

15. What method of application for paraffin wax is best for preventing cross contamination?

The use of a machine that heats up a plastic sleeve filled with paraffin for single-use disposable application of the hands and feet prevents cross contamination.

16. What are the effects of electric mitts and boots?

Increase penetration of lotions and creams applied to the skin, increase circulation, and promote relaxation.