Estética Ch 1 – Historia y salidas profesionales

1. ¿Qué opciones profesionales tienen los esteticistas en los salones de belleza y los spas de día?

Esthetician, consultant, owner, manager, skin care specialist, makeup artist, wax specialist, cosmetics buyer, or oncology-trained esthetician.

2. What is clinical esthetics? In what ways can estheticians practice their skills in a medical setting?

Clinical esthetics involves the integration of surgical procedures and esthetic treatments. The esthetician can assist the physician and provide patients with an array of procedures. Each state board will have its own rules and regulations for estheticians working in a medical setting.

3. List the different environments in which makeup artists can be employed.

Salons, spas, commercial photography, television, theater, fashion shows, camouflage therapy, and mortuary science (working with the deceased).

4. What are the duties of a manufacturer’s representative?

Manufacturer’s representatives are responsible for selling products and training estheticians and other staff members on how to properly use those products as well as how to retail and merchandise.

6. Which Greek word does the word cosmetics come from? What does the Greek word mean?

The words cosmetics and cosmetology come from the Greek word kosmetikos, meaning “skilled in the use of cosmetics.”

7. In Ancient Rome, what body therapies were provided for bathhouse patrons?

In ancient Rome, bathhouses provided steam therapies, body scrubs, and massages.

8. Describe the facial masks women used during the Victorian Age.

During the Victorian Age, women used beauty masks and packs made from honey, eggs, milk, oatmeal, fruits, vegetables, and other natural ingredients.

9. Which important cosmetic products and procedures were introduced in the late twentieth century?

The twentieth century saw the advent of laser hair removal, Tretinoin (Retin-ATM), Botox®, alpha hydroxy acid, oxygen facials, use of galvanic current, high-frequency machines, and a myriad of sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures.

10. What are some of the newer esthetic procedures that are offered?

Examples include light therapies, lasers, microcurrent, ultrasonic, microneedling, dermaplaning, chemical peels, microcurrent, and ultrasonic cavitation.